Language Teaching and Learning

U of T Mississauga has a unique concentration of faculty in the disciplines of FRE, ITA, and LIN with a common interest in the general area of Language Teaching and Learning.  The Language Teaching and Learning Program was first introduced at U of T Mississauga in the late 1980s as a distinct stream within the French discipline, and designated as “Didactique du français langue seconde.”  The Italian discipline followed right after by creating its own program: “Teaching and Learning Italian as a Foreign Language.”  These two programs in Teaching and Learning, while retaining their own identity, were later incorporated into a joint JFI program (Joint French and Italian) so that we could give our students the option to select courses from a much larger pool of offerings.

Thus, a number of joint courses taught in English were created to accommodate students from French and Italian.  Both the programs and the new courses developed for them have been well subscribed.  We strongly believe that our students now have the edge over other students from many universities when they seek entrance at the Faculty of Education.

Teaching and Learning programs are geared towards students who wish to gain an understanding of teaching methodology for further studies in Education.  Students examine and assess the effectiveness of resources used in teaching and learning second languages.