Language Studies Faculty

Language Studies Faculty & Staff

Excellent teaching and important research distinguish the UTM Department of Language Studies and place it among the nation's very best departments in the field. The Department has on the whole a very strong and diversified research profile. Its faculty members are highly productive both in terms of quantity and quality of publication and overall production. Some faculty with term appointments and lecturers engage in high-quality research even if it is not part of their job descriptions. More specifically, members of faculty have done research and teaching in literature, language, linguistics, cinema, theatre and performance, language teaching and learning, instructional technology. Language Studies compares exceptionally well with respect to comparable national and international universities.

Many of the Language Studies faculty have been able to turn out their research expertise on teaching and on the teaching of languages into abundant and effective interventions in the classroom, curricular design, program administration, and the deployment of educational support to students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Language Studies faculty have an extensive record of publishing and presenting their work on pedagogy at local, national, and international levels. They have authored/co-authored numerous books, articles on pedagogy, many with top-flight publishers. They have also made a significant contribution to the technological enrichment of teaching by developing software and delivering numerous workshops to pre-service and in-service teachers on the use of educational technology.

Language Studies faculty further contribute to the scholarly literature on pedagogy through their memberships on the editorial board of journals on the scholarship of teaching and learning, by acting as a peer-reviewers for a number of national and international journals on pedagogy, and by being active members of a number of national and international scholarly societies devoted to pedagogy. Language Studies faculty have implemented a number of innovative and creative ways to promote students’ involvement in the research process in order to familiarize them with cutting-edge ideas, research practices, ethical issues, notions of ‘authorship’, and future possibilities.

Some of the faculty members offer ROP courses, integrate research-based assignments into their courses, and offer specially-designed research-intensive courses at the upper-year undergraduate level. In addition, they consistently demonstrate excellent pedagogical skills in both their undergraduate and graduate teaching. Finally, the superlative teaching skills demonstrated by Language Studies faculty have been recognized by numerous teaching awards (OCUFA, UTM Teaching Excellence Award, UofT APUS-SAC Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award, UofT President’s Teaching Award, AATI Distinguished Service Award, etc.).