IMI Review by Students (IMIRS)

IMI Review by Students (IMIRS)

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The aim of the IMI Review by Students (IMIRS) is to develop the framework for cross departmental collaboration, dedicated to increasing the communication between our programs, alumni, and faculty. The underlying idea would be knowledge translation of current topics in individual research streams/areas of study as they apply to the world outside of our classrooms.

At IMI, our graduate students are already starting to produce original, quality academic content. An outlet for these school assignments to be something greater, to be shared with a broader academic community will undoubtedly add to other invaluable opportunities IMI provides for its students. The review can encourage students to further challenge their research scope, recognize faculty for their contributions, and push IMI to establish a bigger presence outside of UTM.

If you are interested in contributing to IMIRS, please contact or

The first volume of IMIRS will be published in October 2018.

Editorial Team:

  • Jesse Hudecki (MScsM, Class of 2019) - Co-Founder & Managing Editor
  • May Lim (MScSM, Class of 2019) - Co-Founder & Managing Editor
  • Ru Yap (MScSM, Class of 2019) - Creative Director
  • Carlo Borghesi (MBiotech, Class of 2019) - Editor
  • Philip Szwiec (MScSM, Class of 2019) - Editor
  • Stephen Seccareccia (MScSM, Class of 2019) - Editor


  • Alexandra Garbe (MBiotech, Class of 2018)
  • Caitlin Azzalini (MBiotech, Class of 2019)
  • Irene Duah-Kessie (MScSM, Class of 2019)
  • Olivia Lahaie (MScSM, Class of 2019)
  • Paramroup Thind (MMI, Class of 2018)
  • Rabeet Khan (MScSM, Class of 2019)
  • Spencer Karabelas-Pittman (MScSM, Class of 2019)

Special Thanks:

  • Soo Min Toh - Faculty Editor
  • Ryan Cerrudo - Admin Editor
  • Donna Heslin - Admin Editor
  • Sarah Jane Silva - Copy Editor