IMI Review by Students (IMIRS)

IMI Review by Students (IMIRS)

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The Institute for Management & Innovation Review by Students (IMIRS, read like immerse) is a cross-departmental student publication aimed to share exciting research, industry trends and op-eds within and outside of IMI.

We hope you enjoy!

Past issues:

The aim of the IMI Review by Students (IMIRS) is to develop the framework for cross departmental collaboration, dedicated to increasing the communication between our programs, alumni, and faculty. The underlying idea would be knowledge translation of current topics in individual research streams/areas of study as they apply to the world outside of our classrooms.

At IMI, our graduate students are already starting to produce original, quality academic content. An outlet for these school assignments to be something greater, to be shared with a broader academic community will undoubtedly add to other invaluable opportunities IMI provides for its students. The review can encourage students to further challenge their research scope, recognize faculty for their contributions, and push IMI to establish a bigger presence outside of UTM.

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Editorial Team (Volume 3):

Editorial Team (Volume 2):

  • Managing Team
    • Jesse Hudecki (MScSM, Class of 2019) - Co-Founder & Managing Editor
    • May Lim (MScSM, Class of 2019) - Co-Founder & Managing Editor
    • Ru Yap (MScSM, Class of 2019) - Creative Director
  • Editorial Team
    • Allegra Bethlenfalvy, MScSM Class of 2020
    • Amanda Vrbensky, MScSM Class of 2020
    • Bosco Li, MMPA Class of 2020
    • Josh Dube, MBiotech Class of 2020
    • Laura Väyrynen, MScSM Class of 2020
    • Samantha Dilorio, MScSM Class of 2019
  • Graphics Team
    • Amy Haddlesey, MBiotech Class of 2020
    • Caitlin Chang, MScSM Class of 2020
    • Chris Ford, MScSM Class of 2019
    • Farah Hamade, MScBMC Class of 2020
    • Su Min Suh, MScBMC Class of 2020


  • Brianna Croft, MMI Class of 2018
  • David Fu, School of Continuing Studies
  • Linxi Mytkolli, MScSM Class of 2019
  • Maryssa Lynn Edwards, MMI Class of 2019
  • Howard Hsu, MMPA Class of 2020
  • Rishabh Nanda, MScSM Class of 2020
  • Danielle Reid, MScSM Class of 2019
  • Holly Nevison, MScSM Class of 2020
  • Paulina Szlachta, MScSM Class of 2019
  • Rylan Urban, MScSM Class of 2020
  • Joelle Pang, MScSM Class of 2020

Special Thanks:

  • Soo Min Toh
  • Donna Heslin
  • Diana Aldaz
  • Kira Lussier
  • Ryan Cerrudo