Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI)

The Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI) is the centre for management education at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). This collaborative institute provides students with access to professional masters programs in biotechnology, professional accounting, forensic accounting, innovation and sustainability, and an undergraduate minor in business, science and entrepreneurship.

IMI is a cross-disciplinary institute linking management disciplines to others in biotechnology, innovation, science, medicine, and professional accounting to produce mission-focused managers and future leaders with a combination of management skills and depth in their chosen field. 

As a multi-disciplinary unit, IMI provides an important academic platform for fostering closer interactions and sharing of expertise and providing new means for a range of disciplines to work together. Our globally recognized faculty are engaged in seeking answers related to public health, fintech, social justice, diversity, innovation, education policy, ethics, and much more. Our research continues to have far-reaching influence on managerial and policy decisions at the firm, industry, and various levels of government in Canada and globally. Our faculty’s research is regularly featured in major media outlets as we work hard to disseminate new knowledge and help community and business partners create solutions and technologies that advance business practices, policy, and technologies.

In addition to the IMIx Executive Programs, IMI currently offers the following masters degree programs:

Learn more about IMI's undergraduate programs here.

Observing Degree Courses

IMIx offers the option to observe classes in any of these programs. If this is something that you would be interested in, please contact us at