Certificate of Canadian Income Tax Practice


Starting a career in Canadian tax is not easy! Foundational tax knowledge and skills are necessary to apply the ever expanding rules of the Canadian tax system. However, as the Canadian tax system increases in complexity, coverage of tax concepts in traditional education is declining, widening an already significant gap. New graduates, internationally trained professionals, and individuals looking for a career change need access to purposefully designed education that enables them to be effective tax practitioners.

Formal education options for professionals seeking a career in tax are limited. They can either learn the basics on the job, risking costly mistakes and demanding significant time from senior practitioners for training junior staff, or attend workshops provided by employers or third parties, which may lack comprehensiveness or be inappropriate for their skill level.  

The Certificate of Canadian Income Tax Practice offers a comprehensive curriculum and a delivered by experienced tax educators and respected tax practitioners. The five courses making up the certificate are offered on Zoom one night per week over a 6-month period.  This facilitates learning by participants while they continue to work full-time.  By the end of the program, participants will be able to effectively prepare and review tax compliance, identify and manage important tax issues, and conduct research. This will enable them to begin a productive career in tax early on and be better prepared for senior assignments in their mid and later careers.

The upcoming program begins with a welcome session on September 10 or 16, 2024, followed by classes starting on September 17, 2024. The program ends on March 18, 2025.

Our short video provides an overview of the program.