Program Objectives

The Certificate of Canadian Income Tax Practice teaches foundational tax content and skills needed to start a career in tax. Participants are exposed to tax compliance tasks and issues commonly encountered on-the-job, and practice effective client and stakeholder communication. They will be able to immediately apply the technical content and learning activities to their jobs, and function successfully in a busy compliance environment beyond the abilities of a recently graduated CPA.

Program Objectives

  • To provide participants with the foundational technical content and skills they need for entry into the tax profession beyond those required for CPA qualification
  • To expose participants to technologies and typical job tasks expected of new tax practitioners (compliance, relationships between financial statements and tax returns, common tax issues, research, etc.)
  • To attract new CPAs and other professionals to a career in tax by introducing them to the practice of tax and equipping them with skills that are transferable to any profession at a low cost and time commitment
  • To prepare tax practitioners for the depth and rigour of senior Canadian tax programs.

Competencies Developed

This program has been carefully designed to cover the key competencies that are needed to prepare professionals for a career in tax practice. These include:

  • Technical competencies – reinforce concepts covered at the university level, expand thereon, and relate these concepts to compliance and on-the-job activities
  • Accounting competencies – integrate accounting, tax and business decisions, and relate financial statements to disclosures and compliance
  • Technological competencies – use common tax preparation and research software, identify opportunities for increased efficiency using technology
  • Skill development – practice skills essential to a career in tax including writing and communication, research and critical thinking.