The IMIx Experience

By choosing IMIx you will broaden your skill set, enhance your knowledge base, develop a rich network, and position yourself for lasting career success. Our world class instructors carefully design each program to ensure it is relevant and it inspires you to think and act strategically at your workplace.  

While attending any of our IMIx programs, you will be immersed in the IMIx approach - an integrated way for you to retool, advance your skills and knowledge, and be better prepared to move forward to achieve your personal and professional goals. 

IMIx is proud to bring our faculty's rich expertise to our executive community through leading-edge programs tailored to improve: 

  • Managerial and executive effectiveness,
  • Critical and strategic thinking, and
  • Value creation.

Managers and executives most likely to benefit from our programs are those who are:

  • Upwardly mobile, 
  • Improvement oriented, and/or
  • Intend on transitioning to positions with a more strategic focus on value creation.

Throughout our programs, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with a diverse group of instructors, experts, and a distinguished peer group across management levels and industries. IMIx learning means thinking differently and actively finding solutions for the challenges you face at work. Our small class sizes, coupled with sufficient time between modules, allows you to interact with instructors and peers, reflect on key takeaways, and calibrate learning dynamics over time for maximum effectiveness. 

Len Headshot

“Two facts are crystal clear: career success is often limited by what you don’t know, and learning from experience can be painful and ineffective. IMIx programs are dedicated to solving these problems by bringing you focused, leading-edge learning by outstanding, experienced professors and executives. We look forward to guiding the leaders of tomorrow, and certainly hope that includes you.” 

Professor Leonard Brooks
Director, IMIx