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 The MBiotech Program is a 24-month, course-based professional degree prog­ram offered through the Institute for Management & Innovation at the Univers­ity of Toronto Mississauga. Offering streams in both Biopharma­ceuticals (BioPh) and Digital Health Tech­nol­ogies (DHT), the program incorporates both science and business courses with eight to 12 months of work experience in industry. The carefully selected combin­ation of courses, coupled with relevant industry experi­ence and a strong focus on teamwork, provides our graduates with a truly inter­disciplinary edu­cational experi­ence at a top-ranked, world-renowned university.

 Since 2001, the MBiotech Program has been meeting the co‑op needs of industry with our highly trained graduates. Our students take up to three consecutive work-terms with top employers in Ontario and beyond. Our current placements include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and biofuels.

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Keegan Cizikas, Alumnus & Class Rep, MBiotech Class of 2021.

“ The relevance of the biotech­nology sector has never been greater than it is now during the pandemic, and as an MBiotech graduate I look forward to contri­buting to a field that so strongly impacts our society for the better. Over the past two years I’ve learned about the biotechnology realm from industry leaders, gaining invaluable experience that has opened up many professional opportunities. Along the way, I’ve made amazing friendships with some of the most bright-minded individ­uals, whom I look forward to meeting again down the road in our careers. I truly value the experiences I’ve gained at MBiotech and I would recommend it to anyone interested in a career that involves both science and business.”

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