Operability of the Heart Lung Machine

Working Group

 Event Description

The cardiopulmonary bypass machine is one of the most complex medical devices used in our healthcare system. This working group draws upon experts in the operability of the device, along side with scholars in cardiology, to discuss our evolving understanding of the safety and opportunities in the design of this device.

This event is open to the public but there will be no questions taken from the audience. It is remote only by Zoom (ID information in the poster). A Zoom archive will be available at LSO’s website and the Master of Biotechnology Program at the University of Toronto. The audio segment will also be made available on Spotify and Apple podcasts. Event duration is 90 minutes.

 Meet the Working Group

 Jayson Parker, M.Sc, MBA, PhD. Moderator. Associate Professor (Digital Health Technologies) for the Master of Biotechnology program and cross appointed to Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. One of his main areas of research is medical device regulation.

 Stephen Fremes, MD, M.Sc. FRCSC, FACP, FACC. The themes of Dr. Fremes’ research have been myocardial protection for cardiac surgery, arterial conduits for coronary surgery and imaging of coronary artery bypass grafts. His methods of investigation primarily include preoperative single and multicentre clinical trials and outcomes research. In the past five years, he has also led investigations of transcatheter valvular surgery.

 James (Jimmy) Beck, MPS, CCP. James Beck is Director of Clinical Perfusion and Anesthesia Support Services at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He is responsible for leading one of the country’s most active perfusion programs including specialization in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Heart, Lung, and Liver Transplantation, Ventricular and Mechanical Assist, Adult and Pediatric Congenital Surgery, and Complex Repair of the Aorta.

 Christie Smith, CCP, CPC. Perfusion team lead at Trillium Health Partners. Christie is a cardiovascular perfusionist who was promoted to team lead for her hospital.

 Sabrina Duong, Perfusionist, Toronto General Hospital, UHN.

 Paul Kurlansky. Dr. Kurlansky is the former Director of Research at the Florida Heart Research Institute in Miami, Florida. In 2003, he joined the Columbia HeartSource team as the Director of Research, Recruitment and Continuous Quality Improvement. An Associate Professor of Surgery at Columbia, Dr. Kurlansky is the Associate Director for the Center of Innovation and Outcomes Research. He serves on the Quality Measure Task Force of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons as well as on the editorial board of several peer review journals, and has published extensively on cardiac surgery and quality outcomes.


A special thank you to Ms. Sukhi Bagga for all her help in organizing this event. Sukhmani Bagga is a recent Univeristy of Toronto Mississauga Alumni and Research Associate for the Department of Biology. In addition she is a Pharmacy Compliance Specialist at NKS Health Pharmacy by GreenShield.