For Students

The goal of the MBiotech Co-op terms is to give our students a firm foothold on the career ladder in biotech and biopharma, and this pledge is backed by an unbeaten track record of success for placements both in big, established Pharma, as well as in smaller biotech and health tech companies.

A wide range of organizations participate in the MBiotech internships including pharmaceutical, medical devices, capital development and biotechnology companies; contract research organizations; and scientific institutions. Placements are coordinated by our Experiential Education Lead.


Student Responsibilities

Student responsibilities include:

  • Preparing a profile for the website and MBiotech Student Profile Directory Guidebook;
  • Preparing effective résumés and cover letters;
  • Applying to positions through the online co-op portal, IMIConnect;
  • Preparing for interviews;
  • Following all program guidelines throughout the application, interview, selection and placement process;
  • Presenting a professional image to employers;
  • Being actively involved in the internship recruitment process in order to maximize the opportunities for a successful match;
  • Fulfilling the role of ambassadors for the University of Toronto throughout the application, selection and placement process;
  • Attending the MBiotech Career Day Event and interacting in a professional manner with potential employers.


Program Responsibilities

Program responsibilities include:

  • Searching for internship opportunities;
  • Making arrangements with companies for job descriptions;
  • Keeping online co-op portal up to date;
  • Communicating to students about available postings;
  • Forwarding resumes and cover letters to company representatives;
  • Coordinating interview schedules and locations;
  • Communicating with employers and students throughout the process

Please note that the MBiotech Program does not guarantee a placement for every student, but will certainly aid in providing as many opportunities as possible.


Placement Opportunities

It is the responsibility of the MBiotech Senior Research Associate to work toward ensuring that the number of internship postings is at least equal to the number of eligible students. The start date of each placement will be determined by the hiring company.

While the Program is committed to searching for an equivalent number of placements as there are students, the ability to meet this target may be influenced by economic conditions.

Students are encouraged to suggest additional internship opportunities. In all cases, staff will direct the process of contacting these companies or individuals.

There can be NO GUARANTEE of a student obtaining an internship position. The MBiotech Program team provides postings of available internship employment opportunities. Students apply to and compete for internship jobs and the employer makes the final selection. The majority of eligible internship students are successfully placed; however, internship employment is directly related to job market conditions, as well as to the motivation and effort of individual students, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


Summary of Steps in the Internship Placement Process

The following list outlines the typical steps involved in the placement process, in the order they most frequently occur.

  1. MBiotech markets opportunities to potential organizations.
  2. MBiotech makes direct contact with company representatives to secure positions.
  3. The company decided to participate.
  4. Job description prepared by the company representative.
  5. Job description distributed to eligible students via online co-op portal, IMIConnect.
  6. Students send résumés and cover letters through IMIConnect prior to the posting deadline.
  7. Résumés sent to the employer.
  8. MBiotech sets interview schedules.
  9. Interview times confirmed with employers and selected students.
  10. Interviews conducted.
  11. Company ranks candidates; Students rank positions.
  12. Rank and match is conducted.
  13. Employer confirmation sheet is sent, signed, and returned to the employer.
  14. The student begins placement.



For more details contact:

Kinza Khan, Placement Coordinator            (437) 236-3167 |