Work Terms

The Co-op Work Term Program is an integral part of the MBiotech program and arranged on a full-time, four month renewal basis and can be extended for up to 12 months. Placement commences every January for the BioPh stream and every May for the DHT stream.

Perhaps the single most significant component of the MBiotech Program, at least from the point of view of our students each year, is the Co-op Work Term Program. This suite of three courses (BTC 1900Y, 1910Y and 1920Y) earns students up to three full credits towards graduation and, critically, brings them into direct contact with the workplace as a Master’s student.

Whilst the Program’s laboratory and classroom courses play important functions during the students’ first seven months with us, no campus-based activities can truly compare to the experiential learning provided ‘on the job’ during the placements. Over the past 15 years, MBiotech has built an enviably deep roster of sustained relationships with its many major sponsors in the industry, and continues to offer excellent opportunities to all of its students. Likewise, our sponsors are vocal about the benefits such placements bring to their operations. Many of the big players in the biopharmaceutical industry, in particular, are enthusiastic supporters of MBiotech, recognizing the unique blend of science and business skills that our co-op students can offer and continue to post highly sought-after opportunities year in and year out.

During the internship placement, final upper-year courses are completed. These courses are offered as evening classes to allow for continuity between the internship experience and full-time employment. Many students stream directly from their co-op position to full-time employment. Please note: the timelines are slightly different for BioPh and DHT.

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