Fees & Financial Assistance

 Tuition and incidental fees are established by the University of Toronto and are charged annually. They are subject to change and are usually announced and posted to ACORN accounts in mid-April every year. All amounts shown are in Canadian dollars. Tuition fees are also charged in the second year of the Program.

Please visit the Student Accounts website for complete and detailed information about tuition and incidental fees for MBiotech students. Scroll down to Graduate Studies, School of – All Graduate Programs and from there select MBiotech.

Student TypeTotal Annual Fees
The fees for DOMESTIC students starting the Program in May 2024 are $17,730 in program fees plus $2,661.65 in University incidental $2,661.65 fees.The total fees are $20,391.65.
Fees for INTERNATIONAL students starting the Program in May 2024 are $53,520 in program fees plus University incidental fees of $2,661.65 and UHIP of $252.00,The total fees are $56,433.65.

For further information related specifically to the 2024 Summer Session, go to 2024 Summer Session Graduate Studies, School of—All graduate programs. The fee details for domestic students are in Table 14. The details for international students are in Table 14.

You must purchase course packs with case studies in a few of your courses (2-4 courses). Wherever possible, online options will be offered to avoid printing charges, which can add up to a total of $60-80 per course. You may also require textbooks in one or two courses. Check your ACORN invoices for exact details.


 Minimum Payment to Register

Please check your ACORN/ROSI account for your invoice. For 2024-2025, the minimum payment to register deadline was 3 May, 2024.

Invoices are not mailed. View the fees owing on your ACORN account at www.rosi.utoronto.ca. For more information about fees, contact Student Accounts, or contact us at 905-569-4737 or mbiotech@utoronto.ca.

At minimum, 50% of your program fees (minus the $1,500 deposit for newly admitted students) must be paid by the deadline date in order to register in the upcoming academic year. Fees paid after this deadline may incur a late payment charge. If payment is not received, registration will not occur or be delayed. This affects course enrolment, access to campus services, etc.

It can take 5-10 business days for your fees to be processed and to appear in your student account, so ensure you account for processing time when arranging your payment.

The Balances of Fees are due on 30-Sep, 2024. You can pay in increments up until this date, as long as the balance is $0 by this date. Otherwise, interest charges will occur. Find schedule of fees and interest charges here.


 Current Summer Fee & Refund Schedule

Please click the links below for current information on fee payments and service charge deadlines, and refund schedules.

• 2024-2025 Refund Schedule

• 2024-2025 Fee Payment and Service Charge Deadlines


 OSAP Recipients

As OSAP funding may not be released until after the Minimum Payment to Register deadline has passed, OSAP recipients may register before receiving their OSAP funding and before making any payment.

If you have been assessed by OSAP for funding and OSAP has determined that you will receive at least $1 in funding, you may request to defer your Minimum Payment to Register until your OSAP funding has been received. This means you may register without payment, until you are able to pay.

You can complete the OSAP Tuition Fee Deferral online by logging into your ACORN account and selecting Financial Accounts. In the Financial Accounts area, select Tuition Fee Deferral and follow the directions.

Students who are unable to access the OSAP/Government Student Aid Tuition Deferral tool in ACORN, please contact the MBiotech Office for further information.


 Information on Financial Aid

Information on Financial Aid may be researched through the School of Graduate Studies website at: https://www.sgs.utoronto.ca/awards-funding/financial-aid-advising.

Options for financial aid available to DOMESTIC MBiotech students include—

› Provincial Student Loan Programs (e.g., Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)): Please see http://osap.gov.on.ca for information regarding OSAP or visit your home province’s website for specific information on other provincial loan programs.

› IMI Professional Masters Financial Student Aid Program: The Institute for Management & Innovation has a grant program for domestic students that apply and qualify for provincial student financial aid (such as OSAP) and have an unmet financial need as determined by their financial aid application. Please see the IMI website for further information.

› Scotiabank  ScotiaLine: Master of Biotechnology Program graduate students are eligible for ScotiaLine Personal Line of Credit from Scotiabank. For more information, visit The Enrolment Services website and The Scotia Bank website.

› Financial Information for International Students: International Students can contact the Centre for International Experience at the St. George Campus or the International Centre at the Mississauga campus for assistance.

› Emergency Funding: In the case a student experiences unforeseen, serious, and unexpected hardship, the MBiotech program is committed to assisting current students who are in need. Written requests for emergency funding must be submitted directly to the Program Directors for consideration. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The MBiotech Emergency Fund is to alleviate short-term, temporary hardship and it is not considered to be a source of routine or long-term funding.

 Learn more about our award opportunities available to MBiotech students.