Experiential Learning Development Grant


This is an open call for proposals to all Faculty, Contractually Limited Term Appointments (CLTAs), Sessional Lecturers, and Course Instructors at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Please be advised that applications for the 2022-23 academic year are now closed.


The University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) is committed to offering innovative, high-impact, and real-world opportunities to all of its students through experience-driven programs. High quality experiential learning (EL) programs deepen graduate and undergraduate education, respond to the needs of society, contribute to community-campus relationships, and enhance the reputation of the University. The Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean (OVPAD) recognizes the investment required from both instructors and academic units to develop and/or enhance existing EL opportunities in their courses. This investment includes current planning of courses for the upcoming Fall 2022, Winter 2023, and Summer 2023 terms.

The OVPAD is continuing to offer the Experiential Learning Development Grant to offset the range of costs associated with the development and delivery of EL opportunities (e.g., administrative support, research assistance, equipment purchases, software licenses, etc.).

Project Funding

Funding for an EL project is limited to a maximum of $2500.00. Grant funds will be deposited directly into recipient PERA accounts (or, if sessional, departmental funds) upon award. Faculty members are encouraged to add their successful proposals to their Annual Activity Report and CVs as part of their PTR.


We encourage all instructors at UTM with an interest in experiential learning to apply. This includes Faculty (teaching or tenure stream), CLTAs, Sessional Lecturers, and Course Instructors teaching in the current or next academic session at the time of application. Previous grant recipients are also welcome to submit an application to expand existing projects.

Application Process

All applicants should ensure that their submission meets the following expectations:

  1. The proposed EL project is situated in a UTM department or extra-departmental unit and offered through a credit-bearing course scheduled for Fall 2022, Winter 2023, and Summer 2023. Projects that integrate the participation of community partners will be given priority.  
  2. The goals of the proposed EL project are aligned with the Ministry of Colleges and Universities' (MCU’s) Guiding Principles for Experiential Learning, including opportunities for self-assessment and reflective practice.
  3. The proposed EL project must provide a strategy for student assessment. Faculty are welcome to contact Michael deBraga, RGASC Experiential Learning Faculty Liaison, regarding the vetting of any assessment strategies. 
  4. The proposed EL project must be realistic given the budget, time, and competencies of faculty and teaching assistants, as well as their capacity to ensure compliance with course learning outcomes. 
  5. The proposed EL project must outline a plan for the sustainable, long-term delivery of the opportunity to students after the end of the one-time-only grant funding.
  6. The proposed EL project must articulate a commitment to promoting inclusivity and equal access of EL opportunities for all students. 
  7. The Chair/Director must confirm departmental support for this application, including a commitment to project completion and future offerings of the EL opportunity.
  8. Recipients will be required to submit a reflection report at the end of the funding term. A template will be provided by the EEU at a later date.

Submission & Selection Criteria

Interested applicants should complete the Experiential Learning Development Grant Application and submit the completed application to Rena Banwait (rena.banwait@utoronto.ca) by the application deadline. Please submit electronic applications only. Any questions about the grant application process and eligibility criteria should be sent to Rena Banwait.

According to the criteria presented above, Proposals will be reviewed by the Vice-Dean (Academic Experience), Director (Academic Success & Integrity), Manager (Experiential Education), and the RGASC Experiential Learning Faculty Liaison.


The Office of the Vice-Principal Academic & Dean will notify each applicant of a decision by the week of May 16, 2022.