Community Engagement

Outreach programs at UTM involve instructional and professional activities led by faculty and staff with participation from individuals and organizations who are not currently enrolled. Outreach activities should be created as mutually beneficial programming designed to engage and inspire those who participate as well as those who provide the instruction.  Community Outreach allows us to build strong, responsive and distinct programming to work with and ultimately help benefit the people within our community. This type of activity enables learning both within and beyond the campus walls, and can feature research that makes what we discover useful to the non-academic community as it impacts our daily lives.

Engagement enriches the core activities of UTM in many ways through research, teaching and service.  Outreach efforts are an effective way to focus UTM’s resources and expertise so they can be brought together to provide insights into everyday life in a manner that will be understood by the general community i.e. various school boards, community groups/organizations, parents, etc.  The benefits to providing this level of engagement can range from enriched teaching and increased student motivation, meaningful interactions with the local community, witnessing your research, teaching or service having an impact in the lives of others, a better understanding of the direct consequences of teaching and research on society and general goodwill.

The Experiential Education Unit (EEU) can help with your outreach activities by:

  •          Identifying potential events that can be conducted
  •          Working with you on setting a date/time
  •          Providing guidance on the organization of your event
  •          Obtaining community participation/interest
  •          Providing contacts to community organizations
  •          Promoting your event through our social media channels

If you are interested in organizing an Outreach event for your department/institute please contact us right away to start working on the details…your Outreach journey begins here!