Fall 2021 Series

All talks will be taking place virtually.

1. September 8, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Doeke Hekstra

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Harvard University

Towards direct visualization of the reaction coordinates of Proteins

Prof. Sarah Rauscher
2. September 15, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Jean-Francois Masson

Department of Chemistry
Université de Montréal

Plasmonics sensors for anything and everything: Maple Syrup analysis, COVID-19 immunity and neurochemistry

Prof. Alana Ogata
3. September 22, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Lea Hirsch

Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
University of Toronto Mississauga

Here come the suns: Understanding Planets in binary star systems

Prof. Lindsay Schoenbohm
4. September 29, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

David Armstrong

Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
University of Toronto Mississauga

Building experience in teaching and learning through pedagogic development

Prof. Lindsay Schoenbohm
5. October 6, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Steven Frey

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Waterloo

Fully-integrated hydrologic modeling: from "artist's conception" to current state-of-the-art

Prof. Xiaoyong Xu

October 13, 2021

No colloquium during Reading Week

6. October 20, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Heather Clark

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Northeastern University

Nanosensors for Imaging the Chemistry of the Body

Prof. Alana Ogata
7. October 27, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Hilary Martens

Department of Geosciences
University of Montana

Tracking water resources and constraining Earth structure with space geodesy

Prof. Semechah Lui
8. November 3, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Georg Winter

CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Hitting Cancer: New therapies by reprogramming the Cellular Degradation Machinery

Mr. Geordon Frere
9. November 10, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Alana Ogata

Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
University of Toronto Mississauga

Holding Out for Hero: Innovating bioanalytical technologies using bioinspired nanomaterials to fight the battle against diseases

Prof. Lindsay Schoenbohm
10. November 17, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

Noah Planavsky

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Yale University

The evolution of the biological carbon pump and dissolved organic carbon concentrations

Ms. Katie Maloney
11. November 24, 2021 3:10 - 3:10pm


John P. Grotzinger

Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences
California Institute of Technology

The early aqueous environment of Mars inferred from mission lifetime results by Curiosity rover at Gale crater, Mars

Prof. Marc Laflamme
12. December 1, 2021 3:10 - 4:10pm

CPS Awards Colloquium



Prof. Marc Laflamme