Spring 2024 Series

  • Talks start at 3:30pm with social (with pizza) between 3 - 3:30pm.

  • Please bring T-Card to every colloquium talk for attendance tracking. T-Cards will be scanned between 3 - 3:15pm.

1.January 17, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

CPS Graduate Students presentations:

Joshua Wolpert, Recipient of the CPS Research Fellowship

Inferring Himalaya Glacier Dynamics with Cosmogenic Nuclides

Faisal Halabeya, Recipient of the CPS Teaching Fellowship

Implementing basic programming skills in first-year physics labs

Prof. Alana OgataTBD
2.January 24, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150TBD  
3.January 31, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

Molly Shoichet (she/her)

University of Toronto

Turning Lemons into Lemonade: Affinity Release Strategies for Therapeutic Delivery

Prof. Alana OgataWendy Wu
4.February 7, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

Kelsey MacCormack (she/her)

Alberta Geological Survey

Exploring Innovative Ways to Communicate Geoscience Information to Stakeholders; Transitioning From Geostatistical Research to Multi-disciplinary Stakeholder Engagement

Prof. Marc LaflammeJohnathan Sorrentino
5. February 14, 20143:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

Sarah Rugheimer (she/her)

York University

Unlocking the Secrets of Alien Atmospheres: UV Radiation and Exoplanetary Habitability

Prof. Marta BryanSeshu Iyengar
6.February 21, 2024  Reading Week - No Colloquium  
7.February 28, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

Nikki Weckman (she/her)

University of Toronto

Synthetic Biology Sensing Systems for Tackling Global Challenges

Prof. Alana OgataWendy Wu
8.March 6, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

Jaruwan Amtawong

University of Alberta

Leveraging Inorganic Chemistry: Unraveling Cobalt Catalysts for Sustainable Energy Conversion

Maciej KorzynskiWendy Wu
9.March 13, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150Cancelled  
10.March 20, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150Cancelled  
11.March 27, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

Kim Tait (she/her)

Royal Ontario Museum

Investigating planetary evolution down to the atomic scale using correlative microstructural mineralogy

Prof. Marc LaflammeJohnathan Sorrentino
12.April 3, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

Kevin Plaxco (he/him)

University of California, Santa Barbara

Molecular vital signs: recent advances in in vivo biosensors

Prof. Alana OgataWendy Wu
13.  April 10, 20243:30 - 4:30pmCC 3150

Xiang Li (she/her)

University of Toronto

Optical studies of quantum materials under extreme conditions

Prof. Alana OgataSeshu Iyengar

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