Changing the Global Landscape of Pharmaceutical Innovation

The Centre for Medicinal Chemistry (CMC) is an interdisciplinary centre for the development of new drugs targeting cancer and other diseases. It's unique approach to drug discovery is changing the global landscape of pharmaceutical innovation.

The Centre's focus is to create compounds that are purpose-built to interrupt specific biochemical processes while avoiding harm to normal cellular functions. These compounds are developed for advanced pre-clinical trials - the last stage in the drug development process before human testing, and one that very few academic labs are equipped to reach.

Located on the UTM campus, CMC formalizes and creates new tri-campus and interdisciplinary opportunities.

Notable Accomplishments

Led by Professor Patrick Gunning, the CMC has already achieved notable scientific breakthroughs, attracted significant investment, and created several spinout companies and numerous jobs:

  • Dalriada Drug Discovery was spun out of the CMC in 2017 and has seen a 1000% growth in revenues. Dalriada employs over 80 PhD scientists, serves a global client base and continues to grow rapidly
  • Janpix (STAT proteins/tumour growth) was merged with 9 other “best/first-in-class” start-ups to create Centessa Pharmaceuticals – March 2021 IPO at >$2B
  • Dunad (mono-valent protein degrader) signed deal with Novartis in Nov 2021 for $1.3B (up to 4 targets)
  • HDAX Therapeutics (brain cancers and CNS), run by graduate students, discussing terms sheets with potential investors