Fall 2018 Series


1. Wednesday, September 12th 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Semechah Lui
Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
University of Toronto Mississauga

An Integrative Approach to Understanding Earthquake Source
Processes and Long-term Fault Behavior

Prof. Claudiu Gradinaru
2. Wednesday, September 19th 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Paul Ashwell
Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
University of Toronto Mississauga

Lava Domes and Pyroclastic Flows: What Controls if a Lava Dome is Hazardous?

Prof. Claudiu Gradinaru
3. Wednesday, September 26th 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Daniel Gregory
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto

From Economic Geology to Ocean Chemistry: The Wide Range of Information that can be obtained from a Humble Pyrite Grain

Prof. Marc Laflamme
4. Wednesday, October 3rd 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Jose Moran-Mirabal
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
McMaster University

Micro- and nanostructured materials: from stretchable gold to “green” materials for tissue engineering

Prof. Claudiu Gradinaru

  Wednesday, October 10th

UTM READING WEEK                                 

5. Wednesday, October 17th

3:10pm - 5pm


Dr. Andy Dicks
Department of Chemistry 
University of Toronto

The "Write" Stuff: Implementing a Comprehensive Approach to Improving Student Communication Skills

Prof. Thottackad Radhakrishnan
6. Wednesday, October 24th 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Daniel Schramek
Department of Molecular Genetics 
University of Toronto

In vivo veritas - Using CRIPSR to elucidate novel cancer genes in mice

Prof. Patrick Gunning
7. Wednesday, October 31st 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Michael Overduin

Department of Biochemistry
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
University of Alberta

Structural biology of bacterial, prion and human proteins in membranes 

Prof. Scott Prosser
8. Wednesday, November 7th 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Stephanie Weber

Department of Biology
McGill University 

Organelles without borders: how liquid droplets organize the cell

Prof. Sarah Rauscher
9. Wednesday, November 14th 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Christopher Bergevin
Department of Physics & Astronomy
York University 

Finding the Ear's "Fingerprint"

Prof. Andreas Hilfinger
10. Wednesday, November 21st 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Stephen Ferguson
Department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine
University of Ottawa

Targeting metabotropic glutamate receptors to treat neurodegenerative diseases

Prof. Scott Prosser
11. Wednesday, November 28th 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Kathy Borden
Structure and Function of the Cell Nucleus Research Unit
Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC)

The forces of genetic dark matter and their role in cancer

Prof. Voula Kanelis
12. Wednesday, December 5th 3:10pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. John Pezacki
Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
University of Ottawa

Virus-host interactions and ways to stop them

Prof. Andrew Beharry