Fall 2019 Series

  • Talks start at 3:30pm with social (with pizza) between 3 - 3:30pm.

  • Please bring T-Card to every colloquium talk for attendance tracking. T-Cards will be scanned between 3 - 3:15pm.

1. Tuesday, September 10th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Ashok Deniz

Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology
The Scripps Research Institute

Biophysics of protein disorder, single molecules to droplets

Prof. Claudiu Gradinaru
2. Wednesday, September 18th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

No Colloquium

3. Wednesday, September 25th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Rebecca Jockusch

Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto

New Tools and Techniques to Unravel Molecular Puzzles

Prof. Jumi Shin
4. Wednesday, October 2nd 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Peter Tieleman

Department of Biological Sciences
University of Calgary

Increasing complexity in simulations of biological membranes

Prof. Sarah Rauscher

5.  Wednesday, October 9th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Tae Hun Kim

The Hospital for Sick Children

Biomolecular Phase Separation and its Role in Biological Regulations

Prof. Scott Prosser
  Wednesday, October 16th

UTM READING WEEK                                 

6. Wednesday, October 23rd

3:30pm - 5pm


Dr. John C. Janetzko

Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology
Stanford University 

Dmitry Pichugin
7. Wednesday, October 30th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Xiaoyong Xu

Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences
University of Toronto Mississauga

8. Wednesday, November 6th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Ionel Popa

Department of Physics
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Prof. Claudiu Gradinaru
9. Wednesday, November 13th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Janine Krippner

Department of Geology
Concord University

Prof. Paul Ashwell
10. Wednesday, November 20th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Debra Wunch

Department of Physics
University of Toronto

Prof. Kent Moore
11. Wednesday, November 27th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Nagissa Mahmoudi

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
McGill University

Prof. Marc Laflamme
12. Wednesday, December 4th 3:30pm - 5pm CC2150

Dr. Robert Morris

Department of Chemistry
University of Toronto

Prof. Ulrich Fekl