Spring 2019 Series


1 Wednesday, January 9th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Melissa Anderson

Department of Earth Sciences
University of Toronto

Recent advances in deep-sea exploration for hydrothermal vents: Where tectonics, volcanism, and biology meet

Prof. Lindsay Schoenbohm
2 Wednesday, January 16th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Paul Campagnola

Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Imaging collagen structure in ovarian cancer and prostate development by Second Harmonic Generation microscopy

Prof. Virgis Barzda
Kamdin Mirsanaye
3 Wednesday, January 23rd 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Jane Willenbring

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California San Diego

Measuring the Dynamic Interaction of Landscapes and Life with Cosmogenic Nuclides and Remote Sensing Techniques

Prof. Lindsay Schoenbohm
4 Wednesday, January 30th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Kari Dalnoki-Veress

Department of Physics & Astronomy
McMaster University

Soft Materials at surfaces and interfaces: Elastocapillarity

Prof. Sarah Rauscher
5 Wednesday, February 6th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Michael Organ

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
University of Ottawa

Academic / Industrial Research: A Perfect Marriage or Intellectual Prostitution…….You be the Judge

Prof. Ulrich Fekl
6 Wednesday, February 13th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Ruby Sullan

Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences
University of Toronto Scarborough

Tackling microbial biofilms one molecule and one cell at a time…

Prof. Sarah Rauscher

Wednesday, February 20th

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7 Wednesday, February 27th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Dan Shugar

Department of Geoscience
University of Calgary

Where (and how big) are the world’s glacier lakes?

Prof. Lindsay Schoenbohm
8 Wednesday, March 6th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Natalie Goto

Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences
University of Ottawa

How do bacteria find the middle?  Understanding bacterial cell division regulation by the Min protein system.

Prof. Voula Kanelis
Wednesday, March 13th


9 Wednesday, March 20th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Lawrence Mysak

Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
McGill University

Terrestrial rock weathering and the carbon cycle in the UVic Earth System Climate Model

Prof. Kent Moore
10 Wednesday, March 27th 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Fraser Hof

Department of Chemistry
University of Victoria

Small things amuse small minds: the many roles of methyl groups in cancer, craft brewing, and illicit drugs.

Prof. Andrew Beharry
11 Wednesday, April 3rd 3:10pm - 5pm KN L1220

Dr. Elizabeth Edwards

Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
University of Toronto

Anaerobic Bioremediation for Groundwater Cleanup

Prof. Juris Strautmanis