Virtual Summer Exchange Opportunity

New Research Exchange Opportunity at Imperial College, London, UK for UTM Physics Students: Summer 2021

Application Deadline: 15 March 2021

Purpose: Research Exchange Studies

The experience of a research exchange visit is invaluable and gives students much more than a normal course can. This student exchange opportunity will have Physics students conducting research at Imperial College in London, UK for 8 weeks in the summer term. Imperial College is, together with Cambridge and Oxford, among the top three universities in the UK. The research performed at Imperial College will be credited to the student once they return to UTM PHY399Y5.

PHY399Y5: This course provides third-year undergraduate students (after completion of at least 8 to 10 credits) who have developed some knowledge of Physics and its research methods, an opportunity to work in the research project of a Professor in return for course credit. Students enrolled have the opportunity to become involved in original research, enhance their research skills and share in the excitement of acquiring new knowledge and in the discovery process of science.

PhysicsContacts and link to IROP Projects at Imperial College London  


Students are eligible to apply if all of the following applies:

  1. Must be enrolled in one of the following programs: Physics Major or Biomedical Physics Specialist.
  2. Must have completed the third year of a program from the list above. Note that students must apply in the winter term of the third year of their program.
  3. Must have a minimum CGPA of 3.5.

For questions and advising regarding these research opportunities, please consult Professor Claudiu Gradinaru (Physics).

Application Procedure/Documents Required:

All of the following must be submitted by email to cps

  1. Resume.
  2. Letter of Interest—a 350 word statement detailing your research interests, experience, and qualifications.


Several funding options are available. Please contact the CPS Academic Counsellor/Undergraduate Program Administrator, Christina Fortes or the UTM International Exchange Center for more details.