Alana Ogata

Alana Ogata

Ph.D. | Assistant Professor | Chemistry | Analytical Chemistry

Research Areas:

Bioanalytical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Clinical Chemistry, Biosensors, single-molecule assays, cryogenic transmission electron microscopy, bioinspired nanomaterials, disease diagnostics

Research Profile:

Dr. Alana Ogata’s lab will innovate single-molecule bioanalytical sensors for multi-component protein analysis with direct applications in disease diagnostics and pathology. Her research program interfaces analytical, materials, and clinical chemistry to drive technology development and clinical translation. Her lab focuses on bioinspired nanomaterials development, single-molecule bioanalytical sensors, and simple and rapid diagnostics; creating a diagnostics pipeline to address unmet clinical needs in healthcare. Dr. Ogata’s long-term vision is to transform women’s health and develop diagnostics for gynecological diseases.

Dr. Ogata believes in dedicated mentorship, and that skills in independent research, leadership, communication, and diversity & inclusion are necessary for student growth. She looks forward to working with chemists, material scientists, biomedical and chemical engineers, and MD-PhDs, and creating a team centered around empathy, accountability, and learning to drive research innovations.

Courses Taught:

CHM396H5 (undergraduate)


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