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Many of the programs below are offer services for anyone with a disability or barrier to employment. You may want to use some of these programs in conjunction with UTM Career Centre Services if you are looking for work as a new graduate. There are many such organizations in the GTA, these are just a few. 

There are also services focused on specific types of disabilities in subsequent pages. A more comprehensive directory of all services for people with disabilities in Ontario can be found at this Ontario 211 link.  

Here is an article that has many great tips on finding working if you have a disability.  



JobStart is a part of Job Opportunity Information Network (JOIN). The Ontario Job Opportunity Information Network for Persons (JOIN) is a network of 22 community agencies in Toronto. JOIN assists persons living with disabilities to find and maintain employment and assists employers to recruit qualified candidates to meet their hiring needs. Jobstart has the  Employment Accessibility For Students Program and the Capability program which are directed towards students and graduates with disabilities  


DiscoverAbility Network  

The DiscoverAbility online platform matches job seekers with disabilities with employers looking for skilled candidates. The aim is for employers to outreach to this demographic and find, hire and retain talented candidates who happen to have a disability.    


Ontario JOIN  

Ontario JOIN is one of Canada's leading organizations specializing in the recruitment of persons with disabilities and disability in the workplace. They work with job seekers with disabilities and assist employers in making their workplaces more accessible.  


Workplace Essential Skills Partnership  

This program links post-secondary graduates and professionals with disabilities with employers recruiting for a variety of positions. Since 2005, the WESP program has given participants the necessary tools to be competitive in today’s job market and the confidence to become employed.  

A second program aimed at adults is the Partners Program which features help with career exploration and decision making, short-term training and skills upgrading, job search strategies, disclosure and accommodation support and ongoing job maintenance and support.  


Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports  

A provincially funded one-on-one employment supports service for persons with disabilities providing help to get ready for work and find a job or start up a business. Choose a service provider in your local area and get supports to get working. ODSP Employment Supports Program    



Job Search Handbook for People with Disabilities: A Complete Career Planning and Job Search Guide, 3rd Ed. Daniel J. Ryan, 2011, JIST Works                                                    



“Empowering Your Future - The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)” highlighting features of  the program  ODSP Video