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Many employers are required by law to move towards a workforce that reflects the makeup of Canadian society, and many progressive companies hire for diversity due to the competitive advantages it brings and their commitment to the value of diversity.  All levels of government and many publicly supported or regulated industries such a financial, educational and healthcare institutions, tend to have strong diversity cultures as The Canadian Employment Equity Act requires it.  Find out some key aspects of employers who integrate diversity and inclusion into their business practices and which companies are top diversity employers. See the section on internships for help finding agencies which match qualified candidates with disabilities with companies eager to recruit them for internships and other positions.

Is Your Employer Inclusive Towards Persons With Disabilities? Here Are 4 Things To Look For

Canada’s Top 100 Diversity Employers

The Employment Equity Act is designed to increase employment of four designated groups (women, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities) in federally regulated private-sector employers, Crown corporations and other federal organizations. Find out more about it: Equity and diversity hiring practices and standards in such industries.

Is a company truly progressive when it comes to hiring and promoting employees with disabilities? See how companies are rated against an objective benchmark index called the Disability Equality Index (DEI)

Here is a list of federally regulated private sector employers

Here is a list of Crown Corporations

Keep in mind that companies and organizations not mentioned here may also be great diversity employers and conversely, a company’s official statement that they hire for diversity may not translate into positive practices when it comes to hiring and retaining persons with disabilities.

Doing good company research, networking with the employer, and getting insights from those who have worked for an organization will give you important insights into the culture and practices of organizations you are considering applying to. For help researching companies come to the Career Centre DV3094 for resources or book an appointment (905) 828-5451