Meet Industry Professionals

Attend Networking Events and Career Panels on the UTM Campus 

Each year, the Career Centre hosts a series of Networking Events and Career Panels.  While these events are sometimes targeted at certain programs, they are all open to all UTM students.  By attending, you will meet a variety of industry professionals in with lots of information to share with you.  You will also be able to practice your skills in connecting in a professional manner, and you’ll have some fun!  Check out the CLN events calendar regularly to see what is coming up.  You can also attend career-related events at the St. George and Scarborough Campus (check their calendars on CLN too!)

Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees is a digital hub that links U of T students (or recent grads) with alumni over coffee, by phone or online. Read more about joining 10k Coffees via CLNx.

Alumni Profiles

Learn from the experts - U of T Mississauga alumni who have been in your shoes.

This is your opportunity to read personal profiles submitted by graduates from a wide range of degree courses offered at U of T Mississauga. Check out what U of T Mississauga grads have to say about their educational experience and how it has affected their job search, career goals, and more.

To get started, first choose a way of sorting the profiles below: by program or by industry. This will bring up a list of all of the profiles. Then click on a program or industry in the box on the right to show only profiles related to the selected program or industry.

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