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Click here to access the University of Toronto Career Centre online job board.
To view the postings, log in under Students & Recent Grads and click on the Jobs tab.

About the online job board on CLNx

The Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) is an online portal that gives U of T students and recent grads access to hundreds of postings that include part-time, volunteer, casual, summer, and work-study opportunities both on- and off-campus. Login to CLNx.

Off-Campus Jobs: These are paid positions posted by employers. Note: Full-time postings are restricted. To gain access, UTM students and recent grads must attend the "Now That I’m Graduating, What’s Next?" workshop.

On-Campus Jobs: These are paid positions posted by U of T faculty and staff.

Work-Study Positions: These are paid, on-campus jobs, for full- or part-time graduate or undergraduate students. All Work-Study positions are CCR Eligible.  

Volunteer Positions: These are on- and off-campus unpaid opportunities that may include a stipend. The Volunteer Positions board includes unpaid internships, and UofT asks any organizations posting unpaid internships to abide by the Ontario Ministry of Labour Guidelines. Read more about internships.

Casual Jobs: These are paid positions posted by individuals seeking to hire students for work in their home. They may include opportunities in childcare, tutoring, home and lawn care maintenance, and elderly and special needs caregiving among others.

How to View and Apply for Jobs on CLNx (PDF)


We understand there has been a rise in inappropriate job recruitment activities and questionable jobs/job offers in the current economy. An email has been sent to all students from our Director in partnership with our UTM Campus Police advising students with tips to help avoid these situations. Read the full email sent to all students.