Statement on Racism by the Department of English and Drama

Welcome to the Department of English and Drama, located on the 5th floor of the Maanjiwe nendamowinan Building. We offer three English programs that are the same as those on the St. George campus and three Drama programs that are unique to UTM. Faculty expertise includes all literary forms and periods; their historical, social and material contexts; literary and performance theory; theatre history; and creative writing. English and Drama is also the home of Canadian Studies at UTM.

Choose a major in our department and you’ll be taught by internationally renowned scholars, theatre specialists, and creative writers! Our degrees help you develop exceptional skills as a writer, performer, researcher, critical thinker and communicator, opening up a wide range of careers. Many English and Drama graduates go on to become lawyers, professional writers, actors, and teachers, but they also become fashion entrepreneurs, investment advisors, lab technicians, and even ... Prime Minister. (Justin Trudeau? His BA is in Literature!) Our students are especially well-positioned for admission to advanced degree programs in the Humanities, Law, Medicine, and Business, and by combining a major in a Science or Social Science with one in English or Drama, you’ll give yourself an edge in any field.

Undergraduate Advisor Our Undergraduate Advisor is available to provide support to all of our students! She is working from home, and the best way to get in touch with her is by email at edadvisor.utm@utoronto.ca. She would be happy to meet with you online via Zoom or MS Teams or by telephone, or, if necessary, in person by appointment.


English and Drama Programs We offer programs in English, Drama, Creative Writing and Canadian Studies. Check out our program details and reach out to our undergraduate advisor at edadvisor.utm@utoronto.ca or 905 828-5201 to plan out your programs today!

ENG259H5F Literature and Environmental Criticism
Check out these fall courses, which still have room!
ENG204H5F How to Read Poetry
ENG205H5F Rhetoric
ENG215H5F The Canadian Short Story
ENG259H5F Literature and Environmental Critism
ENG316H5F Artificial Persons: Automata, Robots, Clones, and Artificial Intelligence
ENG366H5F African American Literature
DRE201H5S Acting new course
Announcing our new course in Acting for non-specialists this spring!
DRE201H5S Acting
A practical introduction to the art and craft of performance, intended for students with little or no previous experience or training. The course uses a range of acting exercises to teach critical thinking, active listening, specificity of action, intention of thought, and team building. Students will engage in text analysis, collective creation, storytelling, physical and vocal exercises, and character development, in the process cultivating skills transferable to their chosen career path. This course is ideally suited for any student seeking to enhance their interpersonal and presentation skills.
Creative Writing Circle CWIC, Creative Writing in Community

In celebration of the new Creative Writing Minor at UTM, the Department of English and Drama will be running a creative writing club, called “CWIC” (Creative Writing in Community). Anyone can drop in at the voluntary weekly meetings, to do a writing prompt or two, and to read and discuss creative work. Led by Professor Geoff Bouvier, CWIC is available to all students interested in learning how to express themselves through writing creatively. In the fall term, CWIC will meet online every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon. If you’re interested in becoming a creative writing “CWICster,” feel free to email Dr. Bouvier directly (geoff.bouvier@utoronto.ca), and have your name added to the CWIC mailing list for meeting links and updates.

CWIC on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/339652534089105

Creative Writing Creative Writing Minor

The Department of English and Drama now offers a Minor in Creative Writing, check out the creative writing courses for the year, which include: ENG289H5S, ENG291H5S,ENG373H5F, ENG374H5S, ENG489Y5Y.

If you have questions about the minor, please get in touch with our Undergraduate Advisor, edadvisor.utm@utoronto.ca.

Video Games
ENG279 a Video Games course, yes an English course that developes text-based video games. See a selection of games from the course. 

Video Games will be offered this Fall 2020

Recent Successes!

English and Drama Programs Congratulations to Governor General's Award-winning poet Professor Richard Greene, whose new biography of the novelist Graham Greene is being published in the UK by Little, Brown as Russian Roulette: The Life and Times of Graham Greene and in North America by Norton as The Unquiet Englishman.

Check out this interview with Professor Greene!

And the book is receiving many rave reviews, in The TelegraphThe Spectator, The Times, and other exciting publications.
Congratulations to Miranda Wiseman, who has received the Dean's Excellence Award for 2019-20 in the category of Creative Activity for "On These, I Cry," which she wrote for Professor Daniela Janes' ENG215: The Canadian Short Story.
Congratulations to Matt Maguire, who has received the Dean's Excellence Award for 2019-20 in the category of Writing Excellence for "Moon Grammar: Myth and Identity in Mann's Joseph Novels," which he wrote for an ENG390Y Individual Studies course directed by Professor Raji Soni on the subject of "The Modern Novel between Religious and Literary Criticism."
Congratulations to Alisa Samuel, who is completing a minor in Drama. Alisa wrote a lyric essay for Professor Geoff Bouvier's Specialized Prose class last year, and the essay has just been published in one of Canada's premier literary journals, The Puritan.
Congratulations to Rebecca Zseder for being the recipient of the Outstanding Program Performance Award for 2019-2020.
Congratulations to Zaynab Al-Kari for being the recipient of the The Harold Sonny Ladoo Book Prize for Creative Writing for her Collection of Poems entitled Season's of Grief.
Congratulations to Shayan Mehri for being awarded the The R.W. Van Fossen Award in English (2019-2020)