CPS Undergraduate Academic Advisors

The role of Undergraduate Academic Advisors at Chemical and Physical Sciences is to offer students detailed information in the following areas:

  • Exploring the curriculum and choosing your program ( Specialists,Major,Minor)
  • Assisting you in choosing your courses ( pre-requisites/exclusions)
  • Guidance in successful progression to graduation
  • Clarification of academic policies and regulations

Contact information of Undergraduate Academic Advisors:

CPS Academic Counsellor/Undergraduate Program Administrator  

Ms. Christina Fortes christina.fortes@utoronto.ca (905-828-5351) in DV4061

ASTRONOMY - Prof. John Lester 

  • Office: DV 4035

  • Email: john.lester@utoronto.ca

  • Advising Hours: By appointment only. Please email Prof. Lester directly.

CHEMISTRY - Prof. Voula Kanelis

EARTH SCIENCE - Prof. Paul Ashwell

  • Office: DV 4038

  • Email: paul.ashwell@utoronto.ca

  • Advising Hours: By appointment only. Please email Prof. Ashwell directly.

PHYSICS - Prof. Wagih Ghobriel