Laboratory Safety

Chemical Spills

The Chemical Spills SOP provides guidance on the containment, cleanup and reporting of chemical and biological spills in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory.


Chemical Storage Guidelines

Chemical Storage guidelines from the Environmental Health and Safety Office can be accessed through the links below:


Confocal Microscope Safety

The confocal microscope in the Physics Teaching Lab is equipped with a class 3B laser. The Confocal Microscope Safety SOP provides guidance on the safe use of the microscope and outlines emergency procedures in case of injury.


Cryogenic Liquids

The Transporting Cryogenic Liquids SOP, provided by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, is specific to transporting cryogenic liquids within and between the UTM buildings. It complements the UofT Control Program for Liquid Cryogenic Transfer Facilities / Other Low Oxygen Hazardous Rooms and Standard for Inert Cryogenic Liquid Usage in the Laboratory and does not replace them.


First Aid

The First Aid SOP provides guidance on how to maintain a First Aid Program including provision, maintenance and inspection of first aid stations as well as training and certification requirements for first aiders. The SOP also provides procedures to be followed by certified and non-certified first aiders in the case of injuries and emergencies.


Fume hood Use

The Fume Hoods SOP provides guidance on the proper and safe use of fume hoods in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory. 


High Hazard Chemicals

A list of high hazard chemicals can be found here. Environmental Health and Safety Office must be notified when working with these chemicals.


Lab Coats

The Lab Coats SOP provides guidance on the selection and wearing of lab coats in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory for the safety of personnel working in the laboratory and the UTM community. 


Safe Sharps Use 

The Safe Sharps Use SOP introduces some safe work practices for the handling of sharps in the laboratory.


Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are one of the three basic elements of the WHMIS right-to-know-system and are an important source of information for workers. Workers must have access to SDSs for all hazardous material they work with. More information about SDSs can be found here. Maintaining an up-to-date collected of SDSs is a legislated requirement.

An online database for SDSs can be accessed here from a University of Toronto IP address.


Waste Management

The Waste Management SOP provides guidance on the safe collection, storage and disposal of chemical waste in the Chemistry Teaching Laboratory for the safety of lab personnel and lab users and the protection of the community and environment. 


Working Alone in the Laboratory

The Working Alone SOP provides precautions and guidance on working alone in the Laboratory.