Chemical Safety

  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)
    • ​​Maintaining an up-to-date collection of MSDS is a legislated requirement (OHSA-Regulation 860 R.R.O.1990, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System), but it can be a time consuming task to keep updating a binder of hard copies of current MSDSs for every chemical in your lab. By providing online MSDS links for your convenience, we can make almost all MSDSs easily available to the University community, saving time for laboratory staff and ensuring compliance.
  • Chemical Storage Guidelines

    • A table is provided classifying chemicals and storage methods. However, some items on this list will fit into 2 or more classes, leading to further segregation. For instance a caustic solution that is also an oxidizer would be separated from the other caustics. Unless otherwise specified, materials should be stored on shelves with a small lip to help prevent bottles from falling and breaking/spilling. Flammable and combustible liquids should be in flammable storage cabinets as much as possible, but in the event of space issues, preference should be given to flammables.

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  • High Hazard Chemicals

  • Flammable Storage

    • The presence of flammable chemicals increases the risk of fire in a laboratory. This risk can be reduced by minimizing the quantities stored in the laboratories and also by ensuring that flammable liquids are stored in appropriate storage cabinets. This standard is based on Regulation 851, as amended (Regulation for Industrial Establishments) made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario, and Regulation 388 (the Fire Code) made under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act.

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  • Fume Hood & Fume Hood Exhausts

    • The fume hood is the primary control device in most laboratories for protecting employees and students from exposure to hazardous chemicals. It is also an integral part of the building air handling system. The efficiency of operation is essential in maintaining good air quality in laboratories. It is therefore imperative that it function properly and that it be designed appropriately. This standard was developed in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard Z316.5-15 Fume Hoods and Associated Exhaust Systems

Please see the EHS website for further information.