1. What is the benefit of doing WHMIS training?

The benefits are (but not limited to):

  • The training is officially recognized by U of T, and an official training record will be kept at U of T. Compared to the training held by other organizations, it is free to faculty, staff and students.
  •  Students can have a better idea about the safety related issues before they come to the labs.
  •  It simplifies the WHMIS training process, to reduce or avoid in class training for some specific users, such as fresh graduate students.
  • It saves in-class lab time; TA can concentrate more on lab specific safety issues.
  • It demonstrates that faculty and staff are doing proper due diligence regarding lab safety.
  • It shows the importance of Health and Safety in this department, so everyone will pay more attention to safety issues.

2. Who will be doing WHMIS training?

All the U of T employees and all the students who registered in U of T

3. Who will ask students to do the WHMIS training?

It is the course instructor who can ask students do the training. Course instructor can write the WHMIS training requirement in the course syllabus. Students can also do the training without being asked.

4. How long can the WHMIS training certificate be valid?

         The certificate is valid for 3 years starting from the day you finished the training.

5. Do I have to redo the WHMIS training after 3 years?

         You can finish the WHMIS refresher (EHS112)  training once your certificate expired

6. What do I need to finish this online WHMIS training?

         You have to have a valid UTORid to do the training

7. I am a visitor, I do not have UTORid, what should I do?

         You can ask for a temporary UTORid from the department manager to finish your training.

8. I have finished WHMIS  training, but I forgot to print the certificate out. what should I do?

Your training record will be kept at U of T after you finish training. You can always go back to print your result.

9. What if I failed the WHMIS training in 3 attempts?

For students, you have 3 attempts to finish the Quiz. If you fail all 3 attempts, you may contact EHS.

10. Is there a WHMIS training free?

         WHMIS training is free for all U of T employees and students.

11. Can I write WHMIS training in my resume?

         Absolutely you can!

12. What training should I do?

Basically, you can do any training listed on EHS website. For specific training that is related to you, please click the link below:

For Administraive & Facilites Staff 


For Laboratory Personnel: