Graduate Scholarships and Awards

Each discipline will have graduate awards and prizes within their graduate department's offerings. However, in addition, University of Toronto Mississauga has graduate awards available to all graduate students affiliated with the campus. Please visit the School of Graduate Studies website for a list of awards.


Huguette J. Cohen Award

Awarded annually to a graduate student with an “A” average in the field of analytical/biology/biochemistry and organic chemistry.  Preference is given to registered students at the University of Toronto Mississauga.


Fraser Code PhD Thesis Award

The Fraser Code PhD Thesis Award was established in 2017 by Professor Emeritus Fraser Code and Mrs. Jennifer Code to be awarded to a PhD Candidate within Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences who displays excellence in research as demonstrated in the PhD thesis and oral defense


CPS Best Paper Award

This award was established by the Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences in 2016 to recognize graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who produce high-quality research papers and publishing in the top-tier publications.

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Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program recognizes academic excellence in graduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels in all disciplines of academic study. The OGS program at U of T is jointly funded by the Province of Ontario and the University of Toronto. The Province of Ontario provides about $30 million towards these scholarships and eligible institutions provide $15 million.

The value of the OGS is $5,000 p​er term. Thus, awardees may receive $10,000 for two consecutive terms or $15,000 for three consecutive terms. In all instances, the awarding graduate unit will contribute to one third the cost of the total award received by the students.

Each scholarship is tenable for a minimum of one year (i.e., two consecutive or three academic terms) up to a maximum of two years (six academic terms)​. The value and duration of each OGS award will be determined by the awarding graduate unit and detailed in the offer letter.

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