2020 Departmental Award Recipients

The Department of Chemical and Physical Sciences congratulates its 2019-20 undergraduate and graduate student award winners.  As always, we are thankful to the sponsors of these awards, and appreciate their support in recognizing the achievements of our students. A complete list of the award winners can be found below.

Sincere congratulations to everyone!


Name of Award Award Recipient
John Pounder Prize in Astronomy (AST101) Anas Elmangoush
John Pounder Prize in Astronomy (AST110) Justine Obidowski
John Pounder Prize in Astronomy (AST201) Richard Lu


Name of Award Award Recipient
James J. Rae Chemistry Prize Alexandra Kutuzyan
Lawrence V. Redman Prize in Chemistry Phuoc Thinh Nguyen
Carl Manning Prize Ivonne Lopez-Miranda
Igor Bolta Scholarship in Chemistry Mustafa Khekani
The Canadian Society for Chemistry Silver Medal

Simran Sharma

The Chemical Institute of Canada Toronto Section Book Prize Esther Kaye
The Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award (Canadian Section)

Momin Kashif

Tsz Shan Chan

Moore Award in Chemistry

Adnan Bhatti

Earth Science

Name of Award Award Recipient
David Kobluk Memorial Scholarship N/A
Frederick R. Burton Scholarship in Earth Science Hoi Leung Pun
Isabel and Tuzo Wilson Scholarship Michael Carr
Moore Award in Geology Adam Snyder


Name of Award Award Recipient
H. W. Taylor Award in Physics Maria Novoselova
Petar Hein Award in Physics Dalton DeMers
Moore Award in Physics Artittaya Boonkird
Feynman Award Laphas Premcharoen

Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Undergraduate Student Research Award (NSERC USRA)

Award Recipients
Adnan Bhatti
Myia Rose Hellmer

Aimen Malik

Abdul Rahman Al Kos

University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA)

Award Recipient

Esther Kaye

Advances in Earth Science Research Conference (AESRC) Sponsorship Recipients

Award Recipients
Brian Boyd
Myia Rose Hellmer

Women in Science and Engineering Conference (WISE) Sponsorship Recipients

Award Recipients
Sarah Quail
Shalaila Bhalla

Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference (CUPC)

Award Recipients
Aqsa Alam
Faiyza Alam
Fayez Habach
Maria Novoselova
Serene Shum
Natalya Watson

Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CCUWiP) Sponsorship Recipients

Award Recipients
Artittaya Boonkird
Natalya Watson
Meghana Munipalle

Huguette Cohen Award

Award Recipients

Aaron Cabral

Karishma Kailass

Karan Malhotra

Olasunkanmi Olaoye

Fraser Code PhD Thesis Award

Award Recipient

Daniel Felipe Nino

CPS Teaching Fellowship Award

Award Recipients

Rebecca Allan

Sarah Bickers

Elyse Digby

Merna Hekmat

Seshu Iyengar

Erica Quilates

Justin Van Houten

CPS Research Visit Award

Award Recipients

Euan Joly-Smith

Katie Maloney

CPS Best Paper Award

Award Recipients
Gregory-Neal Gomes
Mitchell McMillan