Program for Accessing Research Training (PART)

The Program for Accessing Research Training (PART) consists of Core, Quantitative, and Qualitative training modules. Each module features four hours of classroom instruction and a homework exercise or assessment.

PART is designed to prepare UTM students for possible participation in the Research Opportunity Program (ROP) or other research opportunities available on campus. Participants can also acquire foundational skills needed to succeed in graduate studies.

Who is PART for?

PART is ideal for any UTM students who are:

  • interested in research or learning more about the skills required;
  • thinking about doing an ROP;
  • considering going to graduate school;
  • looking for hands-on-practice and pragmatic tips about navigating the logistical challenges of carrying out research.

UTM students from all disciplines are welcome to participate in PART.

No prior research experience or training is necessary!

How to Participate

You can complete one module that interests you, or as many as you wish!

View the Co-curricular Record Eligibility Requirements listed below if you are interested in receiving a CCR notation on your university transcript.

View the schedule and registration information.

Co-Curricular Record (CCR) Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to receive a certificate of completion and the CCR notation on your university transcript if you:

  1. complete all three Core modules;
  2. complete two Qualitative OR two Quantitative modules; and 
  3. submit a written reflection piece at the end of the program.

Time Commitment:

The total time commitment is approximately 44 hours including workshops and homework.

CCR Attendance Information:

Please allow up two weeks after the conclusion of the final workshop in the series for your attendance to be updated in the online system. Please contact the CCR office if you have questions about your CCR notation.

Schedule & Registration Information

PART Summer Institute 2020 is cancelled.

Each module features four hours of classroom instruction and a homework exercise or assessment.

PART is usually offered in the Fall and Winter terms, and as a Summer Institute in the last week of April and first week of May.

Core Modules

  1. Conducting Literature Searches
  2. Annotated Bibliography/Literature Review Writing
  3. Research Ethics

Quantitative Modules

  1. Research Design in the Sciences
  2. Research Design in the Social Sciences
  3. Lab Protocols
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Statistics

Qualitative Modules

  1. Conducting Interviews
  2. Transcribing and Coding
  3. Research Design in the Humanities
  4. Leading a Focus Group