FSG Schedule


Winter 2024 FSG Schedule 

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Important Dates:

  • FSG Start: January 22, 2024
  • No FSGs during reading week (February 20 - 23, 2024)
  • FSG End: April 5, 2024

Last Updated: March 22, 2024 at 10:51 AM

DayTimeFSG CourseLocation
Monday10:00 AMBIO153IB360
Monday11:00 AMPSY290KN112
Monday11:00 AMCHM242MN3150
Monday1:00 PMPSY100IB385
Monday2:00 PMANT101MN2100
Monday2:00 PMBIO207DH3000
Monday2:00 PMCHM120MN2260
Monday3:00 PMPSY290KN112
Monday3:00 PMPSY100IB220
Monday3:00 PMMAT102IB320
Tuesday12:00 PMRLG101MN2140
Tuesday12:00 PMPSY210KN130 
Tuesday1:00 PMBIO153MN2190
Tuesday1:00 PMMAT134/MAT136IB377
Tuesday1:00 PMITA100MN2150
Tuesday1:00 PMMAT132/MAT135MN2262
Tuesday1:00 PMSOC100IB320
Tuesday1:00 PMPSY100IB235
Tuesday2:00 PMEDS100MN2150
Tuesday2:00 PMFSC239MN2262
Tuesday3:00 PMSPA100IB220 
Wednesday10:00 AMBIO153IB340
Wednesday10:00 AMBIO209MN2110
Wednesday10:00 AMCHM243MN3170
Wednesday11:00 AMCHM110IB240
Wednesday11:00 AMCSC148KN137
Wednesday11:00 AMSOC100MN2150
Wednesday11:00 AMPSY290 IB350
Wednesday12:00 PMEDS220KN130 
Wednesday12:00 PMMAT134/MAT136CC2140
Wednesday12:00 PMPHY137MN2150
Wednesday12:00 PMBIO207MN3260
Wednesday12:00 PMFSC239KN112
Wednesday12:00 PMENV100Online
Wednesday1:00 PMMAT132/MAT135IB390
Wednesday3:00 PMPSY270MN2140
Wednesday3:00 PMPSY240MN2150 
Wednesday3:00 PMEDS100MN3170 
Thursday9:00 AMFSC239MN2260
Thursday10:00 AMCHM242MN4107
Thursday11:00 AMMAT132/MAT135MN3253 (located inside the RGASC)
Thursday11:00 AMBIO209IB395
Thursday1:00 PMMAT134/MAT136MN2130
Thursday1:00 PMEDS100MN2210
Thursday12:00 PMCHM120IB320
Thursday2:00 PMPSY240MN2210
Thursday2:00 PMBIO207MN2190
Thursday2:00 PMEDS100MN3260 (located inside the RGASC)
Friday9:00 AMENV100Online
Friday11:00 AMCHM110MN2260
Friday12:00 PMEC0220MN2264
Friday12:00 PMFSC239MN3220
Friday12:00 PMCSC148IB210
Friday1:00 PMCHM120MN2262
Friday1:00 PMBIO153IB340
Friday1:00 PMPSY100MN1170
Friday2:00 PMBIO209MN2264
Friday2:00 PMITA100YMN3170
Friday3:00 PMBIO209IB210 
Friday3:00 PMRLG101IB220
student writing on a white board
two students studying