WDI Sample Course Materials

The following Writing Development Initiative course materials may be useful for instructors who wish to see how WDI funded projects were implemented in class. All files are PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Humanities (HUM)


FAH101 Writing Module

HIS101 Presentation

RLG101 Assignments


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Sciences (SCI)

BIO152 Presentations

BIO205 Presentations

ERS313 Assignments

PSY290 Assignments

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Social Sciences (SSc)

CCT383 Assignments

ENV201 Assignments

ENV201 Tutorial Exercise Handouts

ENV201 Tutorial PowerPoints

ENV201 Tutorial Procedures

GGR277 Assignments, Instructions, and Templates

GGR277 Exemplars

These exemplars were created by Jessica Carlos and Vivian Yip to teach GGR research proposals. 

SOC347, SOC375, & SOC423 Policy Writing Project 

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