Pedagogical Consultations for Instructors

The back of instructor standing in front of an auditorium filled with students

The RGASC Educational Development team works one-on-one confidentially with UTM faculty and instructors.

They provide support in the following areas:

  • Initial teaching dossier development including refining of teaching philosophy statements and diversity statements
  • Creating or revising syllabi
  • Selection and integration of contextually-appropriate, evidence-based instructional practices and assessment strategies
  • Designing a new course or redesign an existing one
  • Teaching in an Active Learning Classrooms or using active learning strategies
  • Pedagogical research and Scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) projects
  • Formative observations of teaching for professional development through reflection and discussions of teaching practice
  • Apply a critical pedagogical lens to instructional practices, assessments, and course content
  • Pedagogy and course content from the perspectives of Indigenous ontologies and lived experience.
  • Integration of Universal Design for Learning principles for curriculum and assessment design

To book an appointment, contact:

Formative teaching observations can be requested through the UTM Teaching Observation Request Form.