Ashley Arora


Bachelor of Science (Hons. with distinction) • Biochemistry and Environmental Science • University of Toronto


Ashley graduated with Honors Bachelor of Science in 2016 from the University of Toronto in Environmental Science and Biochemistry.

During her years, she was heavily involved in various extra-curricular activities while maintaining a full course load in good academic standing. She took on the position of a Teaching Assistant for second year Analytical Chemistry, an enthusiastic and continuously supportive Mentor for Arts and Science students, and volunteering for community outreach CIC science conferences working with children in generating scientific awareness. In addition, Ashley was the President for the departmental Chemistry Society club, contributing to triple the growth and output of highly successful events.

Fusing her interest of the environment and chemistry, she supported a comparative research study on the effect of organic contaminants in the rural and urbanized watersheds within the GTA. Deviating from her academic background, Ashley took on the position of a Technical Writer Intern at Sanofi Pasteur, one of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturing companies. In the summer of her final year, Ashley travelled to Iceland for a field camp course witnessing effects of climatic changes on the natural geology and glacier retreats, as well as their extensive integration of technology in utilizing sustainable geothermal energy. She hopes to become more aware of her working knowledge of the sustainability sector such that she is able to implement her passion for chemistry and the environmental sciences in resolving sustainability issues at the global level.

Ashley enjoys yoga, zumba, kayaking, gardening, and hiking, especially with higher elevations. 

Ashley's MScSM Internship: KRISP


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