Language Teaching & Learning Courses

The Department of Language Studies is excited to introduce new Language Teaching & Learning courses for the 2022-23 academic year!

LTL383H5 • Teaching Second Language Reading and Writing

This course examines theories and practices related to the teaching and learning of reading and writing in a second language, particularly with reference to English. The course will focus on the theoretical and research-based underpinnings of second language reading and writing and on the ways in which instruction can facilitate the development of these skills. The relationship of vocabulary to second language reading and writing will be examined (particularly with reference to English).

LTL387H5 • Theoretical Issues in Teaching and Learning Second Language Vocabulary

This course provides an overview of second language vocabulary acquisition research and the resultant implications for second language teaching. Topics include dimensions of vocabulary knowledge, incidental and intentional vocabulary learning, textbook analysis, learning strategies, and teacher beliefs about vocabulary teaching and learning. Implications are drawn for pedagogical practices, including best vocabulary teaching practices, materials selection, and measuring vocabulary knowledge.


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