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LAUNCH Leader - Applications now open! [EDS377H5]

Dear Students,

Did you ever wish you had a reliable upper-year student to guide and mentor you throughout your first year here at UTM? If you have had such experience, do you wish to pay it forward?  

If either of these statements resonate with you, be sure to consider joining the Centre for Student Engagement’s LAUNCH team 

 As a LAUNCH Leader, you would have the chance to facilitate weekly sessions for your community of new students. You will grow your skills as a leader, as you get to work with a diverse group of students and help guide them through their first term. If you want to become a stronger presenter, LAUNCH not only teaches you how to be a stronger facilitator but provides you a chance each week to grow and practice! 

 The role of a LAUNCH Leader is an academic internship for the fall term. In addition to facilitating your weekly LAUNCH sessions, LAUNCH Leaders are enrolled in EDS377, in which you learn more about student transition, and the importance of student support. This fun interactive course gives you 0.5 credits towards a HUM or SSc distribution credit and allows you to gain a true understanding of students, and their transition into university. 

 For anyone interested in learning more, we are hosting a virtual LAUNCH Internship Information Session on March 8th from 2:00 – 3:00 PM. Please register! 


Interested in applying?  

1.      Visit the CLNX website and login under student/staff  

2.      Look for ‘Volunteer Positions’ under Jobs & Recruitment  

3.      Type ‘LAUNCH’ into the Keyword search filter OR Search the Job ID: #215105 

 If you have any questions, feel free to contact 

On behalf of the Centre for Student Engagement.