Certificate in Governance & Ethics

The awareness of serious potential harm caused by weak governance and ethics has never been higher. External stakeholders, shareholders, and employees have watched as scandals have severely damaged their interests so that they are quick to seek other alternatives when red flags appear. For managers, executives and directors, governance and ethics scandals are often career ending. This programs covers crucial topics using key cases to illustrate the practical aspects that Board members, executives and senior management need to take into account to avoid disaster and gain stakeholder support.

Online Modules and Learning Outcomes

Module 1 • New Expectations & Developments

During the last decade, corporations have experienced crisis after crisis caused by poor governance and ethics. As a result, new expectations for corporations are emerging or are now in place.

Module 2 • Governance & Ethics
Making the Right Decisions

This course will illustrate how to make decisions that reflect the organization’s values and expectations, and therefore protect the reputation and careers of decision makers, executives, board members, and the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Module 3 • Governance & Ethics
Developing an Ethical Corporate Culture

This course will provide practical insights into why and how a corporation can develop and maintain an ethical corporate culture designed to guide employees to make the right decisions and take the right actions.


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Who Should Apply
All managers, executives and directors will benefit from this certificate. Anyone who is anticipating promotion or greater responsibilities, or who is in the compliance, governance, or risk management functions will find this certificate immediately relevant.

Format and Dates

1 half-day a week over 4 weeks, virtually. 

Dates- TBD


Individual registrations - $1,600 + HST / participant

Group registrations of 2 or more - $1,450 + HST / participant

The fee includes all three modules and course materials.

Meet the Instructor 

Len Brooks

Leonard J. Brooks has spent over 25 years consulting to clients, writing and teaching about governance and ethics. His books Business & Professional Ethics for Directors, Executives and Accountants, and Ethics & Governance: Developing & Maintaining an Ethical Corporate Culture are used around the world. As a Professor of Business Ethics & Accounting, he has shared his insights with professors and students in the University's Directors Education Program, Executive MBA, MBA, Master of Management & Professional Accounting, and Master of Forensic Accounting programs. 

 More CEOs were forced out for ethical lapses in 2018 than poor financial performance - The Washington Post, May 15, 2019

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