Building List

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Building Namesort descending Alpha Code Municipal Address
Academic Annex AX 1795 Inner Circle
Alumni House WC 1550 The Collegeway
Central Utilities Plant 1630 Outer Circle
Communication, Culture, and Technology Building CC 1800 Middle Road
Crime Scene House 3245 Principal's Road
Deerfield Hall DH 1535 Outer Circle
Erindale Hall Residence 1525 Outer Circle
Erindale Studio Theatre DW 1515 Outer Circle
Geomorphology Laboratory GL
Grounds Building GF 3255 Principal's Road
Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre HM 1675 Outer Circle
Innovation Complex KN 1833 Inner Circle (Shared with Kaneff Centre)
Instructional Centre IB 1599 Outer Circle
Kaneff Centre KN 1833 Inner Circle (Shared with Innovation Complex)
Leacock Lane Residence R 1900 Outer Circle
Lislehurst 3369 Principal's Road
Maanjiwe nendamowinan MN 1535 Outer Circle (Shared with Deerfield Hall)
MaGrath Valley 1499 The Collegeway
McLuhan Court Residence 3330 Residence Road
Oscar Peterson Hall 3375 Residence Road
Paleomagnetism Lab 3275 Principal's Road
Putnam Place Residence 1930 Outer Circle
Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre (RAWC) RA 1825 Outer Circle
Research Greenhouse BG 1695 Outer Circle Road
Roy Ivor Hall Residence 3370 Residence Road
Schreiberwood Residence 3400/3401 Residence Road
Student Centre XR 1815 Inner Circle
Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex HB 1777 Outer Circle
William G. Davis Building DV 1867 Inner Circle