Utilities Infrastructure


Exhaust fans on the roof of the Davis Building

The Utilities Infrastructure Division is responsible for maintaining:

  • Supply and maintenance of services to campus, including hydro, natural gas, propane, and water/sewer
  • Maintain mechanical and electrical systems providing heating, cooling, & fume hood operations
  • Support reliable operation of washrooms, elevators, kitchens, etc.

NOTE:  Planned or unplanned interruptions to building electrical and/or mechanical services occur due to breakdowns, renovation work and regular maintenance. Whenever possible, Facilities Management and Planning strives to inform campus community members of shutdowns or interruptions to services.

Restricted Access: Electrical Rooms, Mechanical Rooms and Service Tunnels are secured areas and kept locked to prevent unauthorized entry.

For Elevator Entrapment Procedures, please review here.


For information on campus energy use and conservation, visit the Sustainability Office website.