Early spring blossoms of yellow forsythia
Spring flowering trees at the corner of Instructional Building
Spring flowers blooming near Maanjiwe nendamowinan

Grounds is responsible for the following:

Campus cleaning detail: Grounds is responsible for keeping outdoor areas clean and free of litter. 

Sign installation: Grounds is responsible for installing outdoor signs. Note that for any work that will affect the appearance of the exterior of buildings, or temporary or permanent installation of large scale banners, posters, seasonal landscaping, bulletin boards and display cases, approval through the UTM Capital Projects and Space Allocation Committee (formerly SPMC) is required.

Campus landscaping: Grounds is responsible for maintaining the floral displays around campus, as well as maintaining other landscaping elements such as shrubs, trees, turf, ponds, exterior drainage and irrigation systems, etc.

Campus hardscapes and exterior fixtures: Grounds also maintains campus roads, sidewalks, pathways, outdoor furniture, exterior lighting, gates and fences.

Snow and Ice Removal: The following link details the UTM Snow and Ice Removal Strategy.

Parking lot maintenance: Litter control, snow clearing, etc.

Athletic field maintenance: Mowing, lining, over seeding, aeration, topdressing and litter control.

Irrigation systems: The campus has complex network of irrigation systems maintained by the Grounds department that supports the extensive and varied landscaped public green space throughout the campus.

Event setups: Grounds personnel work closely with Conference Services, the Office of Advancement and the rest of Facilities Management and Planning Team during campus events and assist with event set up and cleaning detail on all outdoor events held on campus.

Naturalization: In partnership with the Sustainability Office, several areas of the campus have been removed from mowing, planted with native species of trees and wildflowers, and returned to naturalized state. More information can be found on the Sustainability website.


Contact Us:


Rob Eidukaitis

Senior Manager - Grounds and Property Maintenance


Diane Ross

Supervisor, Grounds