Capital Projects

All projects that exceed $10 million have to follow rigorous U of T planning, reporting and approval process. Information is available in this policy.


List of Capital projects under Construction:

  • new science building 
  • Student Services Hub


UTM's new science building:


Balancing the unique identity of distinct departments while encouraging interdisciplinary interactions, the new science building will transform science at UTM.  State-of-the-art research infrastructure intends to attract faculty, staff and graduate students; separate but connected spaces support programs and labs which have outgrown their existing facilities on campus. 

Despite the high energy demands, the new science building has an extremely low carbon footprint due to the use of sustainable energy systems (photovoltaic rooftop array, on-site ground-source heat pump field) and HVAC features to reduce consumption (heat recovery systems, ultra low-velocity fume hoods and demand-control ventilation and exhaust, among others.)  The building remains part of the university’s ambitious long-term commitment to reduce its carbon footprint.



Student Services Hub:


The much-anticipated Student Services Hub will bring together departments into a single location, offering a ‘first-stop’ for UTM students to access opportunities and assistance.  Formerly scattered departments will be physically closer together, reducing the amount of time needed for students to complete their own 'to-do' list.  The student-first arrangement of services makes it easier for faculty, parents and families to make student referrals; the variety of offered modes (including self-help, one-on-one and peer group) addresses the many different student needs when accessing help.

The co-location of Student Affairs’ student-facing services will maximize both front- and back-end resources, and will enable seamless collaboration amongst the services.