Campus Planning

The Planning Group is not only an integral unit within Facilities Management and Planning but also a direct professional resource to UTM's leadership through the Chief Administrative Officer. The Planning Group's primary role is to facilitate the planning and implementation of UTM's capital projects, such as renovations, major moves and new construction. The Planning Group is actively involved with all aspects of campus development, including the review and update of the Campus' Master Plan.



The Planning Group offers the following professional services:

  • Develop and manage feasibility studies or proposals, undertake needs analyses, collect, review and interpret project-related information, prepare site development criteria and building space programs
  • Prepare documentation and presentations needed for approval and support from the University's and UTM's governance processes
  • Co-ordinate and supervise outside consultants, client representatives, and University and government agencies during the planning, design, and implementation processes
  • Representation on and provide resource support to project planning and implementation committees
  • Assist the University's Capital Projects Department and Campus and Facilities Division, and UTM's Facilities Management and Planning department through to occupancy by clarifying programming and design details, liaising with client groups, preparing revised design details, scheduling and co-ordinating finish selection, furniture and equipment purchases, telecommunications
  • Participate in the formulation and implementation of UTM's campus master planning and strategic planning processes
  • Undertake regular reviews of UTM's space utilization and requirements analysis, and prepare planning options and solutions
  • Development, establishment and policing of standards related to building and landscape design, and ensure that the UTM's and surrounding community's heritage and aesthetic values are preserved, and that a safe and accessible environment and sustainable practices are fostered for the entire university community
  • Provide resource support to UTM's Capital Projects and Space Allocation Committee and to UTM's representation on the University's Accommodations Facilities Directorate and Design Review Committee
  • On-going responsibility to the University's Research Services for professional planning services for government funding programs (such as the Canada Foundation for Innovation)

The planning group offers the above professional services at no cost to the client.

For more information, please contact:


Monika Farrell, Assistant Director, Planning & Design
(905) 301-9886