The UTM Capital Projects and Space Allocation Committee (MCaPS)


Please note: UTM Space Planning & Management Committee (SPMC) has been suspended for one year, beginning October 2022.  A pilot cycle of the MCaPS Committee has been struck in its place.  The Committee reports to the Principal of the University of Toronto Mississauga and Vice-President University of Toronto.  

Updated Draft Terms of Reference can be found here.


Mandate of MCaPS

All space allocation requests, and, per the University of Toronto Policy on Capital Planning and Capital Projects, all capital projects at the campus with cost up to $10 million, are reviewed and approved by MCaPS.  


MCaPS's objective is to ensure:

  • Optimal utilization and performance of our campus spaces through sustainable, transparent stewardship of this scarce strategic resource.
  • Proposed changes to and use of campus facilities align with the UTM strategic framework, and promote equitable access for our community.
  • Space usage decisions are informed by data, and guided by best practices in physical planning, design and construction.
  • All capital projects at UTM are managed consistent with the University of Toronto Policy on Capital Planning and Capital Projects.


MCaPS' Responsibilities:

To service this objective, MCaPS reviews and approves all proposals for the use of space at UTM, including:

  • renovations
  • change of use or occupancy of space (whether temporary or permanent)
  • new construction (level 1 capital projects)
  • infrastructure projects
  • art installations
  • signage, installation of posters, banners (interior and exterior)
  • all projects requiring borrowing or the use of government grants
  • all activities that will affect the maintenance or operation of facilities at UTM


Requests to MCaPS:

All requests will be assessed in accordance with institutional space requirements as measured by COU standards, University of Toronto space standards, the UTM Campus Master Plan, UTM space inventory, feasibility, and site conditions, and in accordance with the campus Strategic Framework:

  • Centre Truth, Openess, & Reciprocity
  • Foster Student Success
  • Empower Research Discovery and Impact
  • Embrace Our Place
  • Build Efficient and Sustainable Operations
  • Encourage Collaboration and Belonging


Forms and Feedback:

Space requests can be made via the temporary MCaPS Request Form, for review by UTM Facilities Management & Planning personnel.  Click on the MCaPS form; your UTORid login is required.


For more information, questions, or comments, please contact Luke Barber, Executive Director of Digital & Physical Infrastructure.