Expense Reimbursement Checklist

Please make sure everything on this checklist that pertains to your expense claim is verified.


Original receipts are required for all expenses being claimed, including expenses paid to a third party on your behalf (i.e. airfare, conference registration fee).

Proof of Payment is required for all receipts claimed:

☐ Receipt showing payment made; Example: Visa xxxx.
☐ If receipt does not provide a proof of payment, it must be supplemented with a credit card chit, or as a last resort a copy of the credit card statement.
☐ Scans, photocopies or facsimiles of receipts are not acceptable. Electronic receipts in the original form for on-line purchases are acceptable.


Conference/ Event Registration/ Research Field Trips:

☐ submit conference program or invitation with dates of conference,
☐ indicate the full name of the conference, elaborating acronyms,
☐ include evidence of research activities for field trips and collaborations such as invitations, library passes, and registrations.


Airfare, Train, and Bus:

☐ need to submit copy of the paid invoice or credit card statement line item showing purchase, e-ticket, itinerary and all boarding passes.

PLEASE NOTE: medical and life insurance with travel invoices are not eligible for reimbursement. Trip cancellation insurance is eligible.


☐ receipt for payment and date. Electronic receipts showing proof of payment.

Automobile Mileage Allowance (recommended for round trips up to 500 km):

☐ must be very comparable or cheaper than other modes of transportation unless there is a compelling reason to use your car instead of cheaper transportation. In lieu of this, the cheaper mode of transportation will be reimbursed for the car travel.
☐ must provide the start and destination points,
☐ must validate the distance of mileage being claimed by: Mapquest, Google Maps or Yahoo Maps.

NOTE: The current rate for vehicle mileage is $0.54 per kilometer which includes all expenses of using your car including gas (but not tolls).



☐ The person whose name is on the printed bill should be the one who paid for it. If not the case, reason should be documented with claim.
☐ Each room must have an individualized itemized bill.
☐ Zero balance due and payment type must be on the hotel bill or provide a copy of your credit card statement to show the room was paid by you.
☐ If you are reserving a hotel through a 3rd party site (Air B&B, Expedia, etc.), print copies of all web pages to show payment and travel information.
☐ For travel invoices combining hotel and flight, the amount for each part needs to be identified.


☐ Per Diem is only permitted with federally sponsored funds such as SSHRC or SIGs

In Lieu of per diem:

☐ detailed restaurant bill (showing the items consumed) is required,
☐ receipt showing a proof of payment is required,
☐ for University related business for hosting a group meal, the names of the people who attended must be listed on the bill.

NOTE: Alcohol with meals for the PI's personal meals is not permitted. Moderate alcohol with meals hosting external collaborators is permitted but must be charged to your PERA funds.



☐ Original receipts are required.
☐ For on-line purchases such as amazon.com, order documents must show proof of payment.

Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window THE EXPENSE FORM

☐ The form must be hand signed and received (to Rob Eberts) in original hard copy form with all receipts stapled to the back of the form and oriented with the length of the form.
☐ *All fields on left down to the signature of claimant must be filled out including:

  • Period of travel,
  • Department address (ie: Dept Philosophy – UTM),
  • Department contact (Rob Eberts),
  • Location and Description (brief),
  • Personnel number.

If you do not know what your personnel number please inquire with Rob, email Robert Eberts .

☐ If you are sponsoring the expenses of a third party, that person fills out all of the above* (except personnel number unless U of T employee), then sends the form and receipts to you to review for reasonability and for your hand written signature of approval on the claim, since you are the one-up approver. You would then submit the approved form with the attached receipts to: Rob Eberts as usual, Erindale Hall, Suite 313, RM 313B.
☐ If foreign currency is involved, provide proof of conversion if you want precise rate and conversion levy reimbursed. Otherwise, using on-line conversion tables, the conversion will be calculated on date of processing or date the expense was incurred if the amount of the expense item is significantly large.