Course Notices

ECO101H1 and ECO102H1

ECO100Y5 = ECO101H1 (63%) and ECO102H1 (63%)

Approved Substitute Courses for HIS311H5 for International Affairs Specialist (2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years)

HIS311H5 is not offered in the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 academic sessions. Students are permitted to use one the following listed courses as a substitute equivalent - valid for these sessions only: ECO302H5F or ECO303H5S or HIS311Y1 or an approved alternate.

To request an alternate, send the course information to the Economics Undergraduate Advisor:

Approved Substitute Courses for ECO322Y5 and ECO323Y5 (2016-2017 Academic Year ONLY)

ECO322Y5 and ECO323Y5 was not offered in the 2016-2017 academic session therefore students are to choose 1.0 credits from the following list as a substitute equivalent - valid for the 2016-2017 academic year only (courses taken in Summer 2016 will also be counted).

ECO320Y5 - Economic Analysis of Law

ECO336Y5 - Public Economics

ECO343H5 - Labour Economics & Public Policy

ECO344H5 - Labour Economics & Market Frictions

ECO373Y5 - The Environment - Perspectives from Economics & Ecology

ECO412Y5 - Human Capital & Education in Economics

ECO433H5 - Family Economics

ECO435H5 - Growth & Development of the Chinese Economy

ECO439Y5 - The Economics of Cities & Regions

ECO456H5 - Public Policy Analysis

ECO475H5 - Applied Econometrics II

Economics Specialist 

Please note the requirements for our Economics Specialist program have changed from previous years.  Students now request a Specialist program only AFTER second year once they have successfully completed the proper course prerequisites.

Students intent on entering an Economics Specialist or Financial Economics Specialist program are encouraged to request an Economics Major program while working toward their goal.  This ensures they have the opportunity to register for Economics courses during the first round of registration.  However,  before submitting a Subject POSt request for an Economics Major please ensure you meet the proper prerequisites.

ECO200Y5 and ECO202Y5: Co-requisite

MAT133Y5/equiv is a co-requisite to ECO200Y5 and ECO202Y5. You must be registered in the MAT course in order to remain registered in ECO200Y5 and/or ECO202Y5, unless you have already completed one of the MAT courses. If you do not meet this requirement by the enrolment deadline, you will be removed.

Revised Exclusion Notices - ECO315H5

Please note ECO315H has the following exclusion:

Special Topics: ECO352H5S 20161 Economics of Poverty

Conflicting Courses

It is possible to register in conflicting courses on ROSI. However, there are published warnings about this in our registration handbook and the conflicting courses do appear in red if a student ‘views their timetable’ on ROSI.

Students who remain in conflicting courses are fully responsible for all materials presented, all assignments, all tests, etc. of both courses and cannot expect to be accommodated if they happen to have conflicting term test times or exams. You are expected to attend all course classes.

Commerce Students

Students gaining entry into Specialist programs in Commerce also qualify for an Economics Major program. This program will only be listed on your transcript if you request the Subject POSt and meet the current Economics Major requirements.

Please apply for the Economics Major program at the same time you apply to your Commerce Specialist program.