ECO400 Internship Course - Information for Employers

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Harness the knowledge and enthusiasm of our fourth-year undergraduate students by providing supervision for projects or work experience. In exchange for the commitment to provide a project, guidance and a work environment for the student, the employer will receive 200 hours of work from a UTM student specializing in Economics. We hope and trust that our students will make a real contribution to the work of the organization. Employers also have an opportunity to assess the qualifications of UTM near-graduates. UTM is very interested in fostering working relationships with members of our community outside academia; there are many mutual benefits to such relationships.

Some employers involved in the UTM internship courses are long-time friends of UTM; some have supervised many students over the years. Some have hired UTM graduates and some are UTM graduates. Other supervisors are joining us for the first time; we welcome them and thank all of our employers warmly. Many supervisors feel that their involvement in this course gives them a chance to mentor the next generation of experts, and to fulfill a commitment to the community – a chance to “give something back”. We are very appreciative of the efforts of all our employers and supervisors; without their contributions, a course like this would not be possible.

As an example some of the areas of expertise which our fourth-year economics undergraduate students have can include:

  • Financial Economics
  • Urban Economics
  • International Monetary Economics
  • Public Policy and Public Administration
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Statistics
  • Economics of Education
  • Analytical Skills

In return for this unpaid expertise, you will only need to provide space and supervision to the student for 1 or 2 full days a week or a combination of half-days if that works best. At the end of the placement, we ask that the direct supervisor completes a very brief assessment form. We would also be very pleased if you could take the time to attend the student year-end poster session held in March, which is an enjoyable visual caption to the experiential learning experience. More detailed information can be found in our overview.

Benefits to employers

  • Motivated student interns with specialized knowledge in their field providing skills to complete a special project
  • Provide the opportunity for a Company's permanent staff to gain supervisory experience
  • 200 hours of high quality, unpaid, university-sponsored student work
  • Head-start on recruitment
  • Connection to the University of Toronto for possible research, teaching and recruitment
  • Contribution to community and public service
  • Increase name recognition of a hiring organization on campus
  • Student insured through U of T liability coverage and for WSIB coverage by the government of Ontario

Partner Organizations

Some of our partner organizations who have participated in the program include:

  • Atlantic Council of Canada
  • Bank of Canada
  • Bell Canada
  • Canadian Urban Institute
  • City of Mississauga
  • Cosmos Sports
  • Edward Jones
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
  • Impact Infrastructure
  • Innovation, Science and Economics Development Canada
  • Integral Wealth Securities Ltd.
  • Mississauga Board of Trade
  • National Bank Financial
  • Nigel Capital
  • Ontario Financing Authority
  • Progress Capital
  • RIC Centre
  • Social Planning Council of Peel
  • The Government of Ontario
  • TMX Group Inc.
  • Town of Oakville
  • Yellow Bear Studios

Employer Contact

If you are interested in becoming an intern supervisor by offering a placement to one of our Economics students, please contact our Internship Coordinator & Outreach Officer in the Department of Economics.